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Ellen Press - Commercial Demo (Travel Retail Luxury Food)
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Ellen Press - E-learning Demo
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Ellen Press - Corporate Demo
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Ellen Press - TV Documentary Narration Demo
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Ellen Press - Commercial, 2nd Demo
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Wise and Quirky storyteller Ellen Press started telling tales with her fingers on a keyboard with over two decades as an author writing children's curriculum in literacy, science, and children's stories but quickly realized she also loved bringing stories to life as a professional storyteller before live audiences. So, it was a natural and easy progression to also take listeners on new journeys with her voice in front of a microphone.

This LA native was born into a family of activists in social justice and better working conditions and those early impressions groomed Ellen's straightforward, authentic approach to performance.


From the patient and inspiring teacher, environmental or political advocate to the silky-sounding middle-aged woman who knows what she wants. Ellen's voice over styles go from bold to serene and everything in between.


She can be the "cool or embarrassing mom" or the working professional running a Board meeting. And yet if you want silly or a young child, just ask. Her long tenure performing as a storyteller helped build her extensive repertoire.

Ellen will bring her authentic style of wisdom to your script mixed with a light-hearted quirkiness that comes from not being afraid to sing "Do-Re-Mi" out loud in public at the Pegasus fountain in Salzburg.


And as a practicing yogini, Ellen relishes a good hike and adamant that chocolate is health-food.


In those rare moments, she's not in her home studio narrating brand imaging, commercial, corporate narration, documentaries, e-learning, podcast or audiobooks, look for her on Mammoth Mountain.


This is where Ellen unwinds, breathes in the fresh air, and enjoys being able to drink the spring water that comes through the taps.

Reach out to Ellen Press if you looking to hire a Wise and Quirky Voice Over that can bring originality to your project.

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Approachable | Cheerful | Conversational | Educated | Likable | Interested | Snarky | Soothing | Warm



"בחירת הטונים של אלן לפרויקט הזה הייתה בדיוק מה שהיינו צריכים. הסגנון שלה מזמין את המאזין, מכיוון שהוא רהוט וטבעי. העבודה עם אלן פרס הייתה חלקה וקלה. המקצועיות שלה הוצגה לאורך כל הפרויקט ובתקשורת עסקית, היא הייתה חלקה וקלה. גמיש ובזמן עם השינויים שהיו צריכים להיעשות. אני מצפה לשכור את אלן שוב לפרויקטים עתידיים."  


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"אלן הייתה מאוד מקצועית ומתקשרת מצוינת. קל היה לעבוד איתה ונכונה ולהוט ליישם משוב וקלט כדי לספק את הצליל והטון המדויקים שרצינו".

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